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A disco with a live tinder

It is a disco club where there some tablets where people can interact in the same way as the Tinder app

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The disco clubs

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Forget about the risk of being rejected. Just find a person you like and try to make a match and then have a drink together. The people that are in the club has been previously added in the app. Via the tablets that are in the club you will be able to find women or men that are in the disco and you can request a match. The other person will receive a notification in his mobile. If the person accepts then you can start a chat via the app and then meet in the disco.

What is needed

I am looking for a CMO

What are the reasons

I would need someone with experience with digital marketing, social media, SEO,...

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Xavier Fernandez



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Soy un empredendor en serie al que me encanta proponer nuevas ideas y colaborar con otras personas que tambien tienen grandes ideas. LLevo 15 anos en este mundillo y puedo ayudar tambien a transformar las ideas en proyectos
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CEO in Globalfeatures
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Javier Miramaund

A really interesting idea that i would like to join

Marcos Lopez

Super Idea! I love the concept

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