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Linked-Ideas: Start a business by finding the perfect idea with the ideal people

Person that has an idea can find co-funders, mentors, investors,... to transform it in a project. In the other hand people that would like to start a business look for the perfect idea where they can collaborate.

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Customer segment
Women and men with ages from 18 to 50 that are in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship or who want to undertake.

Idea description

The idea consists of a website that unites people who have ideas but do not know how to carry them out and with people who want to undertake but do not have an idea with which to enroll in a project. As the author of the idea, you can, once your idea is published, receive feedback or requests from other members to join your idea. In the case of people looking for an idea, they can access the list of all published ideas, consult the author's profile and if it matches their interests, ask the author to join the idea. Members can chat at any time to answer questions and get to know each other better. The objective is that both the author of the idea and the other members who have joined begin to work together to go from the idea to a successful start up.

What is needed

Digital Marketing with knowledge in SEO, SEM and in social media.

What are the reasons

I need people with knowledge in SEO or SEM to help me find traffic. I also need people with a good network in the world of entrepreneurship and who generate ideas to publish on the site.

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About the Author

Moises Amselem



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I have been in consulting companies and banks for over 20 years and now is my moment to create my own business. I would like to connect with other people that are in the same situation
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Project Manager
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Delia Garcia

I loved it. Really what i was lloking for

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