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New boxing training experience

40 minutes of zero-contact boxing combined with high intensity workout to the rhythm of the music

Business model
Customer segment
Women between 30 and 60 years old with a healthy lifestyle

Idea description

It consists of group classes of no more than 10 people in which boxing blows to a bag are combined with functional exercises. The classes would be guided by a qualified trainer and a video showing each movement and hitting the bag, as well as each functional exercise. This type of training is the most effective because it combines cardio, bodybuilding and coordination. It is also perfect to be in shape, lose fat and tone up in a short time. It's hard not to get hooked!! The class would last no more than 40 min and the client gets the most out of it almost without realizing it. He would be learning new boxing steps and punches at the same time that the music motivates him to make an effort. In addition, thanks to the latest sensor technology, it could perfect each movement, measure the power level of the hit, as well as record calories so that it improves in each session. And not only that, but they could also compete with other clients!!

What is needed

I need a partner that has some previous experience in the same sector or with franchises. Someone who has a good network to attract clients will be helpfull

What are the reasons

I have never launched a franchise or similar

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Marcos Lopez



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I am an IT project manager. I have developped my career in Financial Services sector and I would like to have my own business.
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Project Manager
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In previous startup in 2010



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