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Subscription-based healthy meal delivery service.

A service that delivers healthy and nutritious meals to customers' doors on a weekly basis, offering flexible options for various dietary restrictions, and customizable menus based on subscribers' preferences

Business model
Customer segment
Health-conscious individuals and busy professionals who prioritize eating well but struggle to find the time and resources to plan and prepare healthy meals, particularly those with dietary restrictions or specific nutrition needs.

Idea description

Staying healthy has never been easier. Say goodbye to unhealthy takeout and meal planning stress. Our healthy meal delivery service provides you with fresh, delicious and nutritious meals, tailored to your specific dietary needs, delivered right to your door. With a range of meal plans to choose from, we make it simple for you to eat healthy, every day.

What is needed

I am looking a co-founder

What are the reasons

To help me launch my idea and to find investors

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Delia Garcia


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