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Import the sport of padel tennis in other countries

Set up padel courts and clubs in other countries and that I exploited this sport as it did in Spain

Business model
Other business model
Customer segment
Men and women who want to socialize and who want to practice a new sport

Idea description

In Spain this sport has a big success in a very short time. At the beginning of the 90s this sport was not known and in just a few years padel courts were built in each residential house that was built and in thousands of clubs. Many people became fan of it and now it is a well-known sport that is practiced by both women and men of all ages. The idea would be to import this sport in other countries where it could also explode and that is not as well known yet. If it has worked in Spain, why couldn't it work in other countries? The idea is to be the number one supplier of padel material or in the construction of courts or even the first to provide clubs that want to introduce this sport. And why not, set up my own padel club.

What is needed

I need a co founder with experience raising funds and with some good network to add others partners to this idea

What are the reasons

This idea needs investments and I have no experience raising funds

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Marcos Lopez



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I am an IT project manager. I have developped my career in Financial Services sector and I would like to have my own business.
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Project Manager
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In previous startup in 2010



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